An Open Letter

     Hello, Im Augustus McCoy and its a strange new world out there I would like to welcome you to. I was here when an earth shattering quake that made Lynchburg an island, as well as the rest of the west coast. Ive seen all manner of creatures Ive never heard of. Ive even heard stories of preacher, shamans and other being able to call up their magic. Add all that to the already problems or war and crime, and the Maze is ablaze with activity.
     The Maze is a hot bed of activity, but it is by far not the only place where the seize fire seems more lip than service. The Ghostrock boom still causes migration to the Maze and blood shed in the streets.Back East gangs are running ramped as the social order tries to gain some. The South fairs no better, with sabotage and food storages making them look like they are trying to compete with Lost Angels. Up north the cold drives people nuts, and the water south of the border.
     Across the pond Europe seems to be brewing up a hail storm of hostilities. Every country seems to be on the brink of war with someone, and no one knows why. Some causes are all the disputes in India and the Dark Content. Every country wants what the others have. Rumors abound of some of the old myths and religions crawling out of the wood work. Im planning on a trip soon and hope to bring back some stories for you all back here.
     Some may clam that our paper is full of old wives-tails and myth rehashed and printed up to sell more papers. Well they may have something, but I promise that everything I write is the truth as I know it. I will do everything I can to leave no stone unturned. This is my pledge to you, the loyal readers, and I will take it to my grave.
Today in History
Jan 21

King Louis XVI beheaded by French revolutionaries (1793)
Pineapple introduced to Hawaii (1813)
John Couch Adams English co-discoverer of Neptune dies (1892)
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